January 31, 2017


We all love to succeed, that’s a fact, but true success never comes on a platter of gold. The challenges on the way to real achievement are numerous and the potholes and roadblocks can be many. It is what we see at the end of the road that keeps us going most of the time – that vision of greatness at the end of the road. For that prize, we are ready to pay the price of sweat of our brows, red eyes like blood shots, and numerous sleepless nights. Greatness never comes easy.

We all fail at one point or the other, especially at the start of a particular project. This is because we may need more time to master the skills necessary for that task or we may just need the experience to be more equipped. Do not let it bother you so much and never let initial failure stop you from going all the way to achieve your dreams. There are no true champions whose back has never touched the ground before; the true mark of a champion is his ability to always get himself up after a fall.

Failure is a success in progress. This is a basic truth that must be at the back of the mind of every person that will succeed; failure is a necessary crossroad on the way to success. It doesn’t really matter how many times you fail, what matters is the fact that you understand it and you know what to do to get over it; never allow it to affect the greatness within you. A wise man once said; “if you are going to fall, make sure you fall on your back with your face up, as long as you can look up, you can get up!”

One thing you must always do; never let failure define you. The fact that you failed at something doesn’t mean you are a failure. It only means that you were either not well equipped, you were not well prepared for it or you were not made for it. If you find out that you are bad at something, shake off the loser feeling and go in search of something else. We all have greatness in us, the expression is what is usually different; failure is one of the inspirations for that search for the most accurate expression.

Failures always come with good lessons; that is why they are always very vital. If you fail to learn anything, then you have really failed! Learn your lessons, apply them and move on. Sometimes you need to improve your skillset, you need to acquire more tools for your toolbox or you may even need to consult other people to assist you in it. Bottom line, failures makes you stronger and better prepared for the next attempt. Successful people are never afraid to fail because they have failed too many times on their way to success.

To conclude, remember that the first time is almost always the worst, equip yourself with the mindset that failure is inevitable and be ready to give a positive robust response when it happens. If you fail the first time, fix your ponytail and try again.

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