How to Tackle Your Goals Daily

February 08, 2017

How to Tackle Your Goals Daily

Are you trying to bring out the greatness within you and want to empower yourself? Goal setting is a useful way of becoming the best version of ourselves. Setting goals are easy but achieving them is another thing. I, like many other people out there, have been in this ugly situation. Long term goals are bigger, but it is very easy to lose track or focus when pursuing this kind of goal. Therefore, it is advisable to break up long-term goals into short-term goals.


I realized that people fail to achieve their goals because of four main things:

  • They fail to plan: it is very easy to take your pen and write down the goals you want to achieve, but this effort might count for nothing if there is no proper planning and dedicated execution. Some people sign up at a gym to help them lose some weight or keep in shape, but they stop within a few weeks; lack of planning and no commitment is what mostly causes this.
  • They stop during the planning stage: most people get tired of the effort and simply quit. The planning stage is to be carefully carried out, and you need to keep in mind why it is important for you to see through this stage.
  • Lack of a WHY: A strong reason is required to achieve a goal. If there is no inspirational force backing your goal and you don’t have a strong reason of why you need to accomplish it, it is likely you get tired or lack any reason to push on.
  • Procrastination: this is the ultimate killer of dreams. Some people keep setting a date for planning or kick-starting their goals and this mostly never work out.
  • The easiest way to achieve those big long-term goals is to break them down into short term goals that you will act on every day. Since it is very easy for inner strength to fail while pursuing your goals, it is important that you look for an external motivation to keep you on track.


The following are things you could do to tackle your goals daily:


  1. Set a long-term goal: setting a long-term goal would provide a direction, and you will have a clearer picture of how you should divide this big goal into smaller and easily achievable goals.


  1. Plan: this stage is for you to determine how much you can achieve in a day. Look at your schedule and come up with a procedure for you to reach the daily goal. For example, if you need to lose some pounds, you need to determine how much exercise would enable you to lose some pounds per day and set how you would go about it.


  1. Prioritize: You need to give priority to things that would get you closer to your goals. If you plan on losing some pounds, taking a walk to places nearby would be a sensible option.


  1. Analyze: This is the last stage in daily goal setting. This is important because you need to keep track of your progress, determine whether you are doing what you set out to do for that day. Everyone has Greatness Within them; we are here to help you unleash yours.


If you want to empower yourself and become the greatest version of yourself, you need to dig deep within and find the reason WHY you MUST keep you going, even when times get tough. Goals are not insurmountable, stay determined, and you will achieve anything you TRULY want to achieve.


Go out there and make it happen.

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