How to Transform Struggles into Blessings

January 27, 2017

How to Transform Struggles into Blessings

 When is the last time you've cried? When is the last time you've felt enormous pain? When is the last time you've felt like everything was against you?

If it wasn't long ago, just know that you are not alone

Everyone goes through hard times, maybe at different stages in our lives and perhaps at different levels but at the end of the day, like philosopher Jim Rohn says: "The same wind blows on us all." You don't always have control on what happens to you but you do have complete control on what you do about it and what that struggle means to you. 

Every time that something "bad" happens you have two choices.

1) You can play the role of the victim. 

This means that you blame other people about your circumstances and feel sorry for yourself. This never leads you anywhere good.

2) You realize that it is an opportunity to grow and become a stronger person.

This means you take your struggle and transform it into a blessing that helps you become the greatest version of yourself. Keep this attitude long enough and soon you will find out there is nothing that can bring you down, you truly become unstoppable. 

Next time you are confronted with big challenges, don't wish it was easier, wish you were better. Change your mindset and you change your life. 


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